Child Development Consulting Blog: A Childcare Supporting System for Child Nurses

A. Kono, K. Shintani, Y. Shirai, Y. Sano, H. Haga, and S. Kaneda (Japan)


Early childhood education, Nursery school, Kindergarten, Teacher, Weblog, Special needs children, Traveling counselling


Recently, kindergartens and nursery schools in Japan are facing a big problem: an increase in the number of children who require special care and attention. Caring for these children causes many problems for child nurses, especially if they are young and inexperienced. To resolve the above problem, first the present “no record” situation is analyzed through field research. We clarify that a paper format record cannot be utilized effectively in daily nurturing environments. Second, this paper proposes a new blog system called “Child Development Consulting Blog.” CDC-Blog is a communication platform for childcare professionals through which child nurses and visiting counselors mutually exchange messages.

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