Development Recording Support System Stage Adaptable (DRESS-SA) Proposal based on a Web Service Concept

A. Muranishi, K. Shintani, A. Kono, H. Haga, and S. Kaneda (Japan)


Early childhood education, Nursery schools, ICT, Application system design, Web service


Recently, the diversification of children’s education is advancing in Japan. Nursery schools are required to provide childcare that adapts to the features of each child’s advancement. Furthermore nursery school teachers have to keep such documents as development records that assess each child’s development status. However, these documents are written on paper. In this paper, we propose a development recording system called DRESS-SA that computerizes the recording of children’s development. By using digitalized features, DRESS-SA provides growth stages adaptable to each child. By using DRESS-SA, teachers can recognize each child’s development features more accurately and use the records for everyday childcare activities. This paper also proposes an extended version of DRESS-SA as a “web service” on the Internet. DRESS-SA provides APIs through which other clients can use the accumulated data of each nursery’s DRESS SA. The Web service version of DRESS-SA provides a flexible application development platform for development recording systems.

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