Child Watching Support System with Dynamic Routing of Motion Pictures

A. Kaneko and S. Kaneda (Japan)


Motion picture, Jupiter, platform, peer-to-peer, ubiquitous, and child-care support


We investigate a ubiquitous home network service that most resembles our everyday life. When looking at child care support systems as important ubiquitous applications, proposals do research and development on nursery school. However, proposals rarely do considering inside homes. Therefore, we propose a child-care support system inside homes called DROP-CWS with peer-to-peer networks that don’t use servers. We use a communication platform called “Jupiter” in which peer-to-peer protocols are incorporated. DROP-CWS observes a child playing inside the home by surveillance camera, allowing care providers to monitor from another room. Furthermore, care providers can select a camera for observation because we use multicast communication within a group that consists of one camera and two televisions. We did operation experiments in an environment with two rooms and used commercial cameras and televisions. Even though results showed successful delivery of motion pictures, the picture was projected on a television screen by a frame-by-frame advance. As future work, we will continue research and development of this system.

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