The e-Maturity of the Organization as Barometer of the e-Readiness of Warehouse Workers

H.B. Moolman and A.S. Blignaut (South Africa)


Warehouse workers, e-readiness, developing communi ties, computer experience, organization-dependent, e maturity


Organizations aspire to lead in their fields to attract the most profitable customers and clients. e-Maturity, specifi cally the utilization of Information Technology (IT), pro vides such a leading edge. Workers are constantly re trained to keep up with the dynamics of the organization. Organizations constantly retrain their workers to keep them current with their function. However, classroom training takes workers away from production and no company can afford this. As a compromise many organi zations employ e-learning to train their employees. How ever many companies do not prepare their employees to become self-driven learners. They question warehouse workers’ discipline, motivation, and skills for a complex learning strategy such as e-learning. Reeves identified three fundamental inputs -- emotional, technical, and so cial aspects -- that influence e-readiness. [1] This article reports an interpretive qualitative case study and uses these fundamental inputs to uncover the influences on the e-readiness of warehouse workers in South Africa.

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