The Influence of Feature-Rich Electronic Glosses on Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition

E. Bensalem and R. Aust (USA)


Web-based Education, User Interfaces,


To investigate the influence of media-rich computerized glosses on reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition, we assigned second language Spanish learners to five conditions: 1) no gloss, 2) gloss with text (English translation), 3) text and audio (spoken in Spanish and English), 4) text, audio and picture, 5) text, audio, picture and writing. Participants read a 608 word Spanish story with 25 glossed words, and completed comprehension and vocabulary tests. Gloss users had significantly higher reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition scores than non-gloss users. The quantity of gloss accesses was positively correlated to comprehension and vocabulary scores, especially when learners use glosses that include text, audio and picture. Results also found that reading time was positively correlated to comprehension. The more frequently second language learners consult computerized glosses the better they comprehend and acquire new words. Glosses with text, audio and carefully selected pictures are particularly beneficial in advancing the ability to produce new words.

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