A Proxy-based Solution for Device Capabilities Detection

X. Sanchez-Loro, J. Casademont, J.L. Ferrer, and J. Paradells (Spain)


Web and Internet Tools, Ubiquitous Web , Profiling, Context


In the way towards a ubiquitous and device independent Web it is necessary to make a complete characterization of the delivery context, including the capabilities of the device. The current frameworks (CC/PP, UAProf 2.0) provide good tools to approach a device independent Web, but they present certain deficiencies both in their specification and current implementations. Likewise many devices do not implement any tool to express their capacities. In order to overcome these problems, until terminals properly express their characteristics, this paper presents an implementation of a proxy-based solution to make an accurate contextualization of the device of the user. This platform enables to set up a database accessible from Internet that stores a complete and consistent profile of the different user devices. This profile is expressed using UAProf and is compatible with available parsers. This way we obtain a single profiling platform for different types of devices with a single profile vocabulary that can be used in multiple independent applications.

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