Task Ontology-based Modeling Framework for Navigation of Mobile Internet Services

M. Sasajima, Y. Kitamura, T. Naganuma, K. Fujii, S. Kurakake, and R. Mizoguchi (Japan)


Web and Internet Systems and Tools, Knowledge-based Systems, Task Ontology, Modelling Mobile Users


For the improvement of usability of mobile internet services for mobile handsets based on the semantic web technology, one of promising ways is to realize task oriented menu system which enables users search for mobile internet services by "what they want to do", not by "name of the category". To realize such task-oriented menu system, this paper proposes a task ontology-based modeling method which supports the description of users’ activity and related knowledge such as how to solve problems that occurs on the users, prevention method for accidents, and so on. Models described by our method contribute to checking, designing and improving mobile internet services for mobile handsets.

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