Java Technologies for NGN Service Creation: Discussion and Architecture to Improve SIP Addresses Discovery

R. Pimenta Carvalho and A.M. Alberti (Brazil)




There exists a great consensus that NGN services will be encapsulated by standardized public interfaces. Such services will communicate among themselves without incompatibilities because any element will know the interface of another one and then will be able to establish communication. The application development in a NGN context is similar to Internet application development in many aspects. In general, most vendors are adopting industry standards tools such as Java, XML and in many cases SIP, for their NGN products development. In this scenario, this work discusses some Java technologies for NGN service creation as well as SIP technology and its use in NGN context. The paper also presents a new architecture to discover SIP addresses based on just the user’s profile. The proposed architecture uses standardized public interfaces and Jini technology to facilitate distributed systems implementation. The obtained know-how can be used for future works on NGN services development.

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