Design and Implementation of an Embedded Home-Gateway for Remote Monitoring based on OSGI Technology

Y.-W. Bai and J.-P. Hsu (Taiwan)


OSGi, Home-gateway, Embedded System, Camera


In this paper, we use OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) technology to design and implement a remote monitor system in an embedded home-gateway. For the integration of all kinds of existing communication protocol, OSGi technology has the potential to conform with numerous standards. Because OSGi has a defined external protocol services interface, it provides compatible services to control the devices of different protocols. To reduce power consumption and operation costs, we select the embedded system as the implementation of the home gateway. Because the embedded home-gateway is a customized system, we can focus on our special requirements to design it. We also use an SMF (Service Management Framework) kit to design and implement the embedded home-gateway based on OSGi technique. SMF is an implementation tool which follows OSGi specifications. The operating system of our embedded development board uses Windows CE.NET (WinCE) which has interfaces with which most people are relatively familiar, and it cooperates with a touch panel for easy operation.

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