Towards Mass Scale Environmental Monitoring by the Public

T. Lodge and M. Radenkovic (UK)


MANET, DTN, P2P, Sensor


This paper is concerned with an emerging class of mass community participatory application that provides both pervasive support for multimedia sensor data capture and the ability for users to share and query data on a massive scale. We consider mass scale ‘sensing’ initiatives, whose participation is driven in part by national media campaigns and in part by a burgeoning social conscience about our individual and collective environmental impact on the planet. This application class shares similarities with other socially motivated projects [1][2][3] but the requirement for mass scale pervasive participation exposes new implications for the design of supporting protocols and architectures. This paper identifies the workload parameters that are key to the development of this application class. Second it defines, clarifies and scopes the parameters with reference to related research. Finally, the paper focuses on a specific community type to explore the relationship between community behavior and application workload.

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