Optimization of Presence Enabled Services over Cellular Networks based on a Personal Proxy

V. Beltran, X. Sanchez-Loro, J. Paradells, and J. Casademont (Spain)


Presence optimization, instant messaging, SIMPLE, SIP, signaling, cellular networks, proxy.


Nowadays Presence Enabled Services, like Instant Messaging or multipart games, are taking a growing importance. One characteristic of these services is that they need user’s presence information, understanding this presence in a wide sense, with many parameters. The problem of this information is that it generates a big amount of signaling messages, that increases exponentially with the number of users involved in the service. When users are connected through wireless links of cellular networks, this distribution can be a critical drawback. In this paper we present a distributed architecture of managing and distributing presence information, in contraposition with the standard one that is completely centralized. The system permits to use many optimization techniques in order to minimize at the maximum the amount of presence information to be transmitted to the final user that will use the cellular network as access network.

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