Proposal of Service Management System for Multimedia Network Environment

A. Takagi, T. Koita, and K. Sato (Japan)


multimedia network, service discovery, IEEE 1394, Plug & Play, network configuration


In a multimedia network environment, the network con nection is required to support real-time data transmission and flexible architecture. IEEE 1394, a high performance serial bus that guarantees real-time streaming and supports Plug & Play, would be suitable for such environment. The bus bridge specification to apply IEEE 1394 bus technol ogy as a network environment is now being examined to expand its connectivity; however, to realize such multime dia network environment with the bus bridge, there are two issues: (1) a network reconfiguration with a new device attachment cannot be reflected to the whole network con figuration because it is incapable to detect bus initialization events through the bus bridge, and (2) a service discovery process takes a lot of time in case of a large network. In this paper, we propose the service management sys tem for IEEE 1394 networks to address these issues. This network system facilitates the service management by in troducing the local service manager and the total service manager which cooperate with each other. With this sys tem, a bus initialization event in each bus can be detected by the local service manager and dynamically reflected in the total service manager. Devices can achieve the fast ser vice discovery of all devices with the message-type service discovery method from the total service manager. We eval uated the basic characteristics of this system with parame ters derived from the examination.

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