The Best of Both Worlds: Narrowing the Disconnect between the Web and a Responsive TV

S. Ferretti, M. Roccetti, and A. Michetti (Italy)


IDTV, DVB, MHP, Web Content Distribution.


In this work we describe an architecture able to dynamically convey contents from the Web to Interactive Digital Television (IDTV) systems. According to our solution, users are enabled to specify those kinds of contents they are interested in. Based on the use of mobile agents, contents are dynamically retrieved from the Web, converted for proper presentation over IDTV sets, and inserted into the TV carousel. In particular, the TV carousel is dynamically adapted to the TV viewers’ needs. On the IDTV side, local filtering policies are exploited so that only those contents that may be of some interest for the user are displayed on TV. This way, our architecture enables to take the best of both worlds, i.e., the Web is exploited to store and retrieve information; IDTV, instead, is employed as a virtual board where contents are presented only to interested users. Thank to this approach, new types of interactive applications can be devised such as, for instance, advertisement applications, TV/online auctions, TV dashboards. In the paper, we also report on a case study application we developed.

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