A Scheduling Strategy Considering Object Popularity and Distance between Objects in a Broadcast-based Cyberspace

H. Nagaishi, T. Ogawa, T. Hara, and S. Nishio (Japan)


Large-scale virtual space, Broadcast scheduling, Popular ity, Visual importance


In large-scale networked virtual environments, excessive load on the server occurs due to an increase of clients. In order to reduce the server load, we previously proposed a broadcast-based cyberspace, methods of scheduling spatial data at the server, and prefetching methods at clients. In this paper, we assume an environment where information on the positions and properties of objects is broadcast as data items and propose a scheduling strategy for improving broadcast ef´Čüciency. Our scheduling strategy considers the object popularity, distance between objects, and the broad cast period. Moreover, we show the results of simulation experiments to evaluate the performance of our proposed method.

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