A Network Construction Method for a Scalable P2P Video Conferencing System

H. Horiuchi, N. Wakamiya, and M. Murata (Japan)


video conferencing, P2P, scalability, tree construction


Recently, video conferencing systems based on peer-to peer (P2P) networking technology have been widely de ployed. However, most of them can only support up to a dozen of participants. In this paper, we propose a novel method to construct and manage a P2P network for scal able video conferencing. Our method consists of three parts: a network construction mechanism, a tree reorga nization mechanism, and a failure recovery mechanism. First, a tree-formed network is eventually constructed as new peers join a conference. Then, the tree topology is dy namically reorganized taking into account the heterogene ity of the available bandwidth among peers and their degree of participation so that, those participants, i.e., peers that can have many child peers and/or often speak are located near the root of the tree. As a result, the delay from speak ers to other participants is reduced. Through simulation experiments, we verify that our method can offer smooth video conferencing.

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