A Publish Subscribe Support for Networked Multiplayer Games

A. Bonotti, L. Ricci, F. Baiardi, and L. Genovali (Italy)


multiplayer, publish-subscribe, network, distributed sys tems


This paper presents DiGAS, a distributed support for net worked multiplayer games. DiGAS exploits the Areas of Interest of the players to define communication groups which are supported by a middleware layer designed ac cording to the publish subscribe model. An acyclic peer to peer network of brokers implements the communication support. This network can be dynamically reconfigured and it can tolerate dynamic disconnections of brokers by a proper recovery mechanism. Events generated by a player are notified to the network. Furthermore, each player de livers a set of subscriptions describing its interest in a set of events. These are exploited to define the routing tables of the brokers. The paper presents several routing algorithms and shows their effectiveness through a set of experiments

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