The Typographic Markup Language (TML)

M. von Harlessem and A. Klahold (Germany)


Data Management, Cross Media Publishing, Content Management, Desktop Publishing and Typography.


This paper introduces the Typographic Markup Lan guage (TML). TML is a parser-driven, micro-typography meta-language for managing the dynamic exchange of formatted content between applications in a Cross Media Publishing environment. TML is designed to solve the problem of parsing, stor ing and transferring of the typography meta-data between proprietary industry-standard applications like Content Management Systems and Desktop Publishing Systems. TML differs from similar procedures in two aspects. First, it stores the grammar rules for the different parsers in a database to allow easy and quick modifications of the transfer rules. Second, it reduces the mapping volume of paragraph-styles by using a meta-typographic language. Instead of n2 mappings only n mappings are required.

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