Proposal for an Automatic Cleaning Robot Operating in Conjunction with the Usage Status of Electrical Appliances

A. Miura, S. Kaneda, and H. Haga (Japan)


Mobile robot, home application, ubiquitous and pervasive computing


In this paper, we propose a human-friendly cleaning robot system for the domestic ubiquitous environment. Though conventional automatic cleaning robots already exist, these robots do not work in sync with humans. These robots’ cleaning operations often obstruct a person in the home. Therefore, a robot that does not interfere with human activity in the home is required. What indicates human activity most in the home is the usage status of home appliances such as electrical appliances, doors, and lights. In our system, a robot can identify where humans are active by receiving the usage status of home appliances via a network. The usage status of home appliances changes the robot’s running pattern and consequently the robot avoids humans and cleans without causing obstruction. We conduct an operational experiment of our prototype system in a room in which some sensors are installed to create an experimental environment. We then measure the execution time of the prototype system. From the results of experiments, it is found that a cleaning robot system which works through interaction with equipment in the home and does not disturb humans can become a reality.

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