An Approach for Enabling the Use of Immersive Virtual Reality in Desktop Hybrid Interfaces

F. Gomes de Carvalho, A.B. Raposo, and M. Gattass (Brazil)


Hybrid User Interfaces, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Interaction Techniques.


Hybrid User Interfaces, which create a heterogeneous environment providing different interaction forms and devices, may be enhanced by exploring more extensively the mixed reality continuum, which ranges from the real world to the complete virtual world, passing by augmented reality and augmented virtuality. Some hybrid interface approaches have been developed making use of the real world or enhanced by augmented reality resources. This work presents an alternative to include immersive virtual reality in hybrid user interfaces in a common desktop setup. In order to enable this inclusion, augmented virtuality was used to enhance the virtual environment with real world information. In this case, that information refers to the physical interaction space available in the users desktop. Some advantages of the use of immersive virtual reality in this context are discussed by means of the analysis of 3D interaction techniques.

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