Personalised Acquisition of User Preferences in Smart Homes

E. Vildjiounaite and S. Kallio (Finland)


Personalisation, User Modelling, Context Awareness, Smart Home, GUI


Smart Home is a context-aware home environment which is constantly attentive to the activities of its inhabitants and provides proactive support to their goals – that is, not only responds to the users’ requests, but also initiates interactions with the users. Smart Home can interact with its inhabitants and guests via diverse home computers, augmented home appliances and personal devices, and act upon user’s context and preferences. Apart from learning user preferences in different contexts from interaction history, Smart Home shall provide users with means to configure most important settings whenever they want it in a convenient and up-to-date way (so that the users can find all options fast, and do not wonder why they see broken devices in the list instead of recently bought ones). This work presents a summary of configuration requirements, based on discussions with users during system development; and implementation of GUI for acquisition of user preferences for Smart Home personalisation, which adapts to different users and system capabilities.

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