Interactive Half-Mirror Display using Face Recognition and Touch Panel

N. Osawa and K. Asai (Japan)


Half mirror, face recognition, camera-based touch panel, and subjective evaluation


We developed an interactive system of displaying personalized information that uses a combination of a half mirror and an LCD display. The LCD display can provide information and the half mirror can be used as a normal mirror when information is not being displayed. Replacing existing mirrors with these systems also saves space. Personalized information is displayed when a user’s face is recognized using a camera to identify the individual. Camera-based face recognition does not require contact and is not intrusive. Moreover, a touch panel on the half-mirror display enables users to select items to find detailed information. Thus, the system is not only a half-mirror display but it is also interactive. An evaluation based on questionnaires was conducted, which clarified advantageous locations and authentication methods, as well as customized information that is appropriate and necessary to display.

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