A Camera-based Pointer with Visual Feedback

M. Ishihara and Y. Ishihara (Japan)


Visual feedback, laser pointer interaction, projector-camera system, augmented reality, human computer interaction.


In this study, we introduce a camera-based pointer. A camera-based pointer is a pointer system where a user uses a camera to point at a spot on a screen instead of a laser pointer. In the system, the spot on the screen is located by visual feedback. That is, a cone image is projected on the screen and then it is taken by the camera to send back to the system. Using the visual feedback, the system moves the cone image towards the spot, so that the system will find the center of the cone image right in front of the camera in several iterations. Thereby this system does not require any homographies between the screen and the camera coordi nates systems to be made in advance. In addition, a cone image is scaled in a liner gradient so that it is robust for blurring caused by an out-of-focused camera. This robust ness enables a user to move around in front of the screen while pointing the camera on it. Finally we demonstrate Ping pong that works with two camera-based pointers in or der to show that a camera-based pointer technique is prac tical.

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