Selection based Myanmar Text Input Interfaces: Proposal of Dividing all Myanmar Characters into Six Groups

Y.K. Thu and Y. Urano (Japan)


Text Input, User Interfaces, Selection Based, HCI in Mobile, Input devices, Myanmar language


This paper introduces selection based Myanmar text entry techniques for small computing devices. We divided all Myanmar characters into 6 groups as consonants, medial/finals, vowels/special characters, stack characters, frequently used Myanmar words, and Myanmar numbers for easier selection. We used a click wheel mouse, a traditional game pad (4 arrow keys with some buttons), a today’s dual-joystick game pad and a FPS battle stick for text entry experiments. We conducted a user study, which shows that our concept of dividing Myanmar characters into 6 groups supports an easy Myanmar text entry interface and appropriate text entry speed. Our selection based Myanmar text entry approach will be useful for many possible Myanmar language user interface devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries and information kiosks etc.

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