Designing an Aural User Interface for Enhancing Spatial Conceptualization

S. Nomura, T. Utsunomiya, M. Tsuchinaga, T. Shiose, H. Kawakami, O. Katai (Japan), and K. Yamanaka (Brazil)


User Interface, Spatial Conceptualization, Visually Im paired, Aural Surface, Virtual Track, 3D Acoustic Space.


We propose an approach for enhancing the spatial concep tualization performance by subjects traveling along differ ent types of virtual tracks in experiments via virtual 3D acoustic space system. Subjects in a navigation task must perceive alterations on aural surfaces before categorizing these virtual tracks. We adopted natural-sounding tones as components of these aural surfaces. Fourteen subjects participated in these experiments. First evaluation results revealed that the proposed approach improved the spatial conceptualization performance by subjects. We concluded that the approach can be an essential requirement for de signing novel aural user interfaces as supporting systems for visually impaired and elderly people.

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