Extensible MMI System for Mobile Device

C.H. Lee and M. Huang (Taiwan)


Graphical user interface, Mobile device, Personnalization.


Due to the progress of technology, mobile phone has be come more creative in appearance and complex in func tions. The paper proposes and designs an extensible man machine interface system, referred to XMMI 2.0, to allow users of mobile phone to personalize the visual interface as well as operational interface of a mobile device.The XMMI 2.0 consists of a man machine interface system, referred to MMIS, a man machine interface description language, re ferred to MMDL, and an editing system. Users can use editor to design their own personalized interface and gen erate a MMDL file. Once MMDL is uploaded to mobile phone with MMIS, graphical user interface becomes per sonalized.

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