Redesign the 4:2 Compressor for Partial Product Reduction

R. Hussin, A.Y.Md. Shakaff, N. Idris, Z. Sauli, R.C. Ismail, and A. Kamarudin (Malaysia)


Compressor, Partial Product Reduction and Booth Multiplier


In this paper, we attempt to redesign the 4:2 compressors. Since its inception by Weinberger in 1981[1], this concept of compressor has been used in most digital multiplications and multi operand operation scheme. The original of 4:2 compressor has been build using the full adder unit. Hence this compressor is no improvement compare using Wallace tree or other tree structure. Early 90’s some designer has modified the 4:2 compressor in order to reduce the critical path. As a result, a worse case to cross a level of 4:2 compressor is 3 XOR [4]. While in this paper, we have redesign 4:2 compressor based on modification of 4:2 compressor [2, 3, 4]. This design has been simulated using Quartus II software to verify the circuit. As a result, total transistor used in our compressor is less 4 than the modified 4:2 compressor and less 2 transistor than the original 4:2 compressor. In term of speed, the critical path of Carry Out signal is same as the original 4:2 compressor. Our compressor is 0.05% faster than modified 4:2 compressor.

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