A Context Type Model for Context-Aware Discovery of Web Services

A. Jongtaveesataporn and T. Senivongse (Thailand)


Context, service discovery, UDDI, Web services, Web technology


A service registry such as UDDI is an important component for service discovery in an open Web services environment. Service discovery is refined if the registry is context-aware, i.e. realising the contexts of the querying service consumers as well as the contexts of the published services and service providers. Such awareness results in better matchmaking and service consumers will obtain query results that match better with their requirements. This paper presents an approach to enhance the standard UDDI registry with the context awareness capability. A context type model is proposed to model relevant contexts of the service consumers, service providers, and published Web services. The contexts can be static or dynamic and are associated with the semantics for context evaluation. Meanings of contexts are also considered, based on relevant ontologies, for better interpretation of the context information. With this approach, the context-aware UDDI can discover Web services whose contexts fit well to the contexts of the consumers. An architecture that supports the context type model is also presented.

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