Towards the Development of a Rigorous Model-Driven Domain-Specific Software Engineering Environment

E.S. Grant and H. Reza (USA)


Architectural description language, domain-specific modeling language1


Over the past decades, the software development community has increasingly embraced the principles of a model-driven approach, resulting in the definition of many such methodologies. It is now an appropriate time to consolidate the many software model-driven approaches into a set of well-defined and related techniques, and processes. This set of techniques and processes, would be the building block for subsequent model-driven development methodologies. Such an accomplishment would provide a framework from which rigorously defined domain-specific methodologies are crafted. It would also provide a platform from which the next significant advancement in software development may be launched. The objective of this research is the definition and implementation of a platform independent environment for model-driven software development that incorporates formal specification techniques with informal graphical modeling notations. The methodologies of the environment will amalgamate some of the best practices in model-driven development from academia and industry. The success and viability of this defined environment will be manifested in its adaptation by industrial partners.

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