An Ontology-based Business Process Modeling Methodology

L. Liao and H.K.N. Leung (PRC)


Business Process Modeling, SOA, Ontology, Software Engineering, Business Process Ontology


Business process modeling is important for SOA application development. Formal modeling methodology has significant benefits but related research seems inadequate. In this paper we present an upper ontology for business process modeling, called Business Process Ontology (BPO), and propose an SOA application modeling and developing framework. The BPO provides accurate definitions of the main components of SOA modeling. The extension of BPO can be used to define business process models, describe existing services, and define the mapping between processes and services. Applying ontology to SOA Modeling can help to identify the binding information of business process and service, increase the reusability of existing business processes and services, and accelerate the development of application.

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