Ant Colony Optimisation for Generation of Conformance Testing Sequences using a Characterising Set

C.P. Lam, J. Xiao (Australia), and H. Li (Australia, PRC)


Conformance testing, test sequence, Wp method, TSP, Ant Colony Optimisation.


Protocol conformance testing generally involves checking whether the protocol under test conforms to the given specification. The generation of test sequences in an efficient and effective way that achieves the required fault detection coverage is highly desirable. This paper proposed an approach that formulates the problem of finding shorter test sequences based on the Wp method into one of finding the shortest tour in the asymmetric travelling salesman problem (ATSP). In the formulation of the ATSP, the approach excludes redundant test segments, employs the concepts of overlap to reduce test sequence length and concatenation without linking cost into the test sequence generation technique. The approach recast a Software Engineering problem as a search-based problems using Ant Colony Optimisation to find the shortest tour in the ATSP. The resulting test sequences will maintain the same fault detection capability as those of the Wp method. The approach is applicable to every minimal FSM as each one of them possesses a characterising set.

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