Minimizing Latency in Wireless Sensor Networks - A Survey

S. Srivathsan and S.S. Iyengar (USA)


Sensor Networks, Latency, Directional Antennas, MAC, Scheduling.


Energy conservation in wireless sensor networks has been a primary design objective. However, this constraint has not overshadowed other key objectives like scalability, ar chitecture, latency, routing etc. Several applications of wireless sensor networks are envisioned to handle criti cal scenarios where data retrieval time is crucial. There are some hard-real-time applications where there is little tolerance for delayed data. We present a survey of some key mechanisms to minimize latency in single-hop and multi-hop wireless sensor networks. This includes sam pling time, processing time, propagation time, schedul ing, MAC protocols, use of directional antennas, predic tions, sleep/wakeup cycles, use of dual-frequency radios and more.

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