Perceptual-based Region Extraction from Hand Drawn Sketches

R. Waranusast (Thailand)


Region extraction, Sketch understanding, Gestalt psychology, Perceptual Organization


Pen-based computing devices have become more popular and more important, because it facilitates a natural way of input to users. To develop pen-based systems, automatic interpretation of sketches is crucial. However, this task is sensitive to drawing styles. This paper proposes a stroke grouping method based on Gestalt theory. The proposed algorithm group strokes into regions, each stroke is split into smaller stroke segments according to its corners and junctions. Then, for every stroke segments that can form closed loops, all possible regions are searched. Applying the notion of law of continuity in Gestalt theory to a set of all possible regions, scores of good continuity and convexity of all regions can be computed. The region with the best score is stored and extracted from the sketch. This iterative process is repeated until no stroke segments are left in the set of closed-loop segments. The algorithm implemented and tested on a tablet PC showed good results.

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