A PC-based Freehand Three-Dimensional Ultrasound

S.A. Aziz, N.A.M. Isa, U.K. Ngah, H. Ibrahim, and M.E. Aziz (Malaysia)


3D reconstruction, breast ultrasound, image segmentation.


Breast cancer is the number one killer disease among women in Malaysia. In the diagnosis of breast cancer, breast ultrasound examination is commonly used as a supplement to mammography. Ultrasound examination is a non ionizing technique, free of harmful effects. Unfortunately, ultrasound is also known as a time consuming examination technique with high operator dependency with the results from the examination difficult to discuss, document and reproduce. Three dimensional imaging provides new information and allows a better interpretation of the standard two dimensional images. The aim of this study is to therefore develop a PC-based three dimensional ultrasound system to help in the examination and evaluation of breast lesions. The system consists of a PC-based ultrasound system and a magnetic tracking sensor. A sequence of breast ultrasound images were acquired along with the coordinates. These data were then filtered, segmented and finally reconstructed into a 3D image.

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