Tooth Alignment of the Dental Cast using 3D Thin Plate Spline

C. Sinthanayothin, W. Bholsithi, and W. Tharanon (Thailand)


Visualisation, Simulation, Thin plate spline, Teeth Alignment


This article has described the process for tooth alignment using 3D thin plate spline. First step is to simulate the individual tooth and its landmarks and fit it into the dental cast by geometric transformation of individual tooth. Next step is to align the simulated teeth into proper arch form. After that, record pairs the landmarks of simulated teeth before and after tooth alignment. The final step is to create the new dental cast (warping dental cast) by applying 3D thin plate spline technique through pairs of landmarks on simulated teeth as inputs. The results of the tooth alignment and the comparison with the dental cast before tooth alignment have shown that the teeth aligned along the curve while the gum was slightly deformed to show the smoothness of transformation on teeth and gum.

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