Tilt Detection of Connectors using Phase Shifting

V. Retnasamy, M.M. Ratnam, K. Sundaraj, and Z. Sauli (Malaysia)


O Automated g Visual g Inspection, g Fringe g Pro jection, Non-Collimated Lighting.


AVI’s are playing important roles in quality inspection in the electronic industry. Most existing AVIs are single overhead camera and are incapable detecting 3D defects. This work presents solving the shortcoming stated using an angle fringe projection. This work was done using a non collimated light source, whereas other researches on surface metrology usually used collimated light source. For precise surface or height measurements collimated light or laser source is commonly used. , this work has demonstrated a successful manipulation of the non-collimated light source in height measurement by calibration of the illumination angle and development of the reference table.

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