Parallel Computations in Mixed Formats

W. Pogribny and M. Drechny (Poland)


DM, DPCM, parallel computations


This paper presents the new approach to parallel calculations with the use of mixed formats. Usually parallel computations are done in multibit Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). Using this format requires doing multibit multiplications what often decreases the speed of calculations. Mixed formats, which join differential modulation codes such as Delta Modulation (DM) with PCM, can lead to the decrease of code word length and speed-up operation in DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Some kinds of DM such as MDPCM-PCM (Modified Differential Pulse Code Modulation) and SDPCM-PCM (Synthetic DPCM) enable to replace the time-consuming multiplications with fast shift operations. The purpose of this work is working out the new processing methods for the fast-acting increase of DSP algorithms on the basis of parallel computations in mixed formats, especially with the use of MDPCM-PCM and SDPCM-PCM formats.

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