Compiler Algorithm Language (CAL): An Interpreter and Compiler

A. Bhatele, S. Satyarth, and S.K. Aggarwal (India)


Compiler Algorithms, Interpreter, Comp iler, Syntax directed evaluation, Virtual Machine


: We have designed a Compiler Algorithm Language (CAL) to provide compiler writers with a language which is close to actual algorithmic notation. In this work, we have developed an interpreter and debugger for CAL which can be used by researchers for algorithm testing. We also provide a compiler that can translate CAL programs to C code which can be plugged elsewhere. We have provided a Graphical User Interface to make it convenient for the user to use the interpreter and compiler. Another feature of our system is web-enabling of the entire project so that a remote user would not have to download the entire code. Altogether, we have attempted to save the compiler writers from the trouble of writing lengthy programs for their algorithms.

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