Linux System Management via XLink

T.-C. Yen, S.-J. Kao, and F. Hsu (Taiwan)


Linux, XML, XLink, system management.


One of the reasons a user is willing to run a Linux server is because of its reliability and stability. Linux has histori cally been used mainly as a server system, and most oper ations are performed under command-line interface. Due to the numerous complicated Linux administrative com mands, the threshold of efficient system management be comes extremely high. As XML is becoming an Internet standard for data representation and exchange, more and more applications and data files are tagged with XML for mat. In this paper, we show how the console-only menu system can be applied by remote access and how the menu system can be equipped with add-on information. To show how the XLink can effectively simplify the complicated ad ministrative tasks, XLink-based system management appli cations of running kernel parameters changing and remote package installation are demonstrated.

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