A Superordinate and Subordinate Relationship Computation Method and Its Application to Aerospace Engineering Information

K. Takano and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


superordinate and subordinate relationship, causal relation ship, context dependent, information retrieval, database system, vector space model


In this paper, we present a superordinate and subordinate relationship computation method. We have proposed a vector space search method for computing causal relation ships. We extend this method to compute directionality re lationships of superordinate and subordinate concepts. By using general knowledge expression with a tree structure, we generate vector spaces for computing those direction ality relationships. This method dealing with the combi nation of those directionality relationships makes it possi ble to realize a superordinate and subordinate relationship computation, according to various objectives related to di rectionality relationships. We have implemented a superor dinate and subordinate relationship computing system for directionality relationships among technical terms in the aerospace engineering field. We clarify the effectiveness and feasibility of our system by several experiments.

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