Process Planning Data Mining Technology based on Object-Oriented Modeling

X. Jia, X. Tian, and Z. Zhang (PRC)


Computer aided process planning (CAPP), process planning knowledge; process planning knowledge base; CAPPFramework; process planning data mining


CAPP (Computer Aided Processing Planning) system is the supportable system in process planning informanization in manufacturing enterprise. The systematic representation of process planning knowledge and the foundation of process planning knowledge base (PPKB) are the basis in CAPP application system. Based on the research work of a CAPP development platform system (CAPPFramework) supported by 863/CIMS in China, the knowledge discovery and management actuality, the composing of process planning knowledge (PPK) are analyzed. The concept of process planning data mining (PPDM) is proposed. The technology architecture of process planning data mining is founded based on object-oriented modeling technology, and the process planning data mining language (PPDML) is designed. Farther more, application of PPDM in typical operation summarization is described in detail.

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