Computers Aid Optimization for Ultra-High Performance (UHP) Lamps Processes

Y.-P. Lee, Y.-F. Chen, Y.-W. Chen, S.-R. Wu, and Y.-J. Wu (Taiwan)


Ultra-high performance lamps (UHP), metal halide lamp (MHL), computer system.


The computer projectors are increasingly popular in the meetings or educations. Developing a low cost, high efficient and high luminance lamp is the key to extend the lifetime of projector. Here, we have successfully developed the ultra-high performance lamps (UHP) to instead of the conventional projector lamp-metal halide lamp (MHL). The luminance of ultra-high performance lamps can exceed 12,000 only with 200W power consumption. Many processes parameters are largely affected lamp. The computer systems are important to ensure that the processes are stable and the researches are quickly. At this moment, this paper will discuss the measure & computer systems. As well, the processes, structures, and properties of ultra-high performance lamps are discussed.

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