Simulation and Control of Power Conditioning System with SMES for the Utility Application

A.-R. Kim, K.-H. Kim, J.-H. Kim, M. Park, I.-K. Yu, H.-J. Kim, S.-H. Kim, and K.-C. Seong (Korea)


SMES, voltage sag, harmonics, compensation


Voltage harmonics resulting from current harmonics produced by the nonlinear loads have become a serious problem in many countries. Those current harmonics flow into the utility network and generate voltage distortion. Voltage sag from sudden increasing loads is also one of the major problems of the utility network. In order to compensate the current harmonics and voltage sag problem, active filter systems could be a good solution method. And SMES (superconducting magnetic energy storage) system is a very good promising source due to its quick response to charge and discharge. This paper presents a simulation technique for a decision method of the specification of the shunt and series active filter system combined with SMES. Based on this simulation, authors developed a series and shunt active filter system connected to the utility system.

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