Improvement of Slip Energy Recovery Drives with Voltage Source Inverter for a Speed Control of Wound Rotor Induction Motors

S. Tunyasrirut, J. Ngamwiwit, V. Kinnares, (Thailand) T. Furuya, and Y. Yamamoto (Japan)


Slip energy recovery drive; SVPWM; wound motor.


This paper introduces the improvement of slip energy recovery drives with voltage source inverter for a speed control of wound rotor induction motors in order to reduce harmonics of input line current waveforms and improve its power factor. A boost chopper is used to connect the diode rectifier to DC link voltage, which is composed of a capacitor and voltage source inverter type space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM). This scheme leads to be able to adjust the speed of the motor by the duty cycle of the chopper. The PI cascade controller is also introduced to control a speed to be constant when the load varies. An overview of the experimental test bench that the results are presented is three-fold. The first is the harmonics of input line current waveforms are reduced, the second power factor of the drive with VSI are improved and the third presented for a design PI controller for control a speed, where step change loading and unloading transients.

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