DSP Control of Photovoltaic Power Generation System Adding the Function of Shunt Active Power Filter

H.-R. Seo, K.-H. Kim, Y.-g. Park, M. Park, and I.-K. Yu (Korea)


Active Filter, Photovoltaic, Harmonics, PV-AF system. LIST OF SYMBOLS IL = load current [A] ICAF = AF compensation current [A] ICPV = inverter output current of PV system [A] IOUT = PV-AF system output current [A] iLR, iLS, iLT = load harmonics current [A] iAFR, iAFS , iAFT = three-phase AF compensation current [A] eR, eS, eT = source L-G voltage [Volt] edc = output voltage of PV array [Volt] edc * = reference voltage of output voltage of PV array [Volt] d = d-axis component of loa


The growing number of power electronics based equipment has posed a problem on the quality of electric power supply. Both high power industrial loads and domestic loads cause harmonics in the network voltage. Power quality problems may arise in the system or may be caused by the consumer itself. Active filter (AF) is widely used in industry as well as individual consumer. The purpose of the active filters installed by individual consumer is to compensate current harmonics and/or current imbalance of their own harmonic-producing loads. The power output of PV system is directly affected by the weather conditions. And when AC power supply is needed, power conversion by an inverter and an MPPT control is necessary. The proliferation of nonlinear loads such as inverter of PV power generation system can be treated as a harmonic source for the power distribution system. So, the PV system combined with the function of the active filter system can be useful for the application in power distribution system. In this paper, PV-AF system using DSP confirmed that it is possible to combine AF theory to the three phase PV system connected to utility and verify it through experimental results.

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