EMC Considerations for Protection of Cables Against Switching Effects at Secondary Side of Substations

H. Heydari, F. Faghihi, and V. Abbasi (Iran)


Electromagnetic compatibility, Electromagnetic interference, switching, substation, cable


High performance and correct functionality of equipments that operating in high voltage substations during transient states need careful and engineering design. These are some parts of electromagnetic compatibility studies in substation as an electromagnetic environment. To achieve electromagnetic compatibility in a system the first step is to have some correction in design and second is some special methods like shielding, grounding and filtering witch cause increasing in overall cost. In this paper we study a medium voltage substation that switching process in it cause electromagnetic interference to low voltage cables. Three methods of decreasing overvoltage and overcurrent are discussed and compared. Recognition of magnetic fields is accomplished by ANSYS (base on finite element method). Then overvoltages during switching process are calculated by common mode and differential mode equivalent circuit. These can be useful for designers and engineers to chose a suitable way accomplish electromagnetic compatibility in a substation.

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