Transmission Restoration using Graph Theory

A. Akhavein, H. Seifi, and M. Shafiee (Iran)


Power system restoration, graph theory


After an outage or a blackout, set of actions have to be implemented in order to return power system to the state which is as close as possible to its normal energized state. These actions are important parts of power system restoration. Having an idea for selection between restoration activities and their priority leads to more effective and less time consuming restoration procedure. Hence, majority of rendered ideas and methods try to reduce the number of combinations for actions required to be searched. In this paper, using the graph theory, a method has been proposed for power system restoration. In the proposed method, important constraints such as voltage, frequency and loading of transmission lines have been considered. The graph theory algorithms, based on giving priority to transmission lines in terms of higher voltage level and higher transmission capacity, have been utilized in order to reach an effective sequence of restoration activities. The proposed method has been tested and proved to be a success on the IEEE 14 bus system and the relevant outcomes have been shown.

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