Greenhouse Gases Emission Trading and Green Certificates Market - Instruments of the Liberalized Electricity Market in Romania

M. Matei, L. Matei, A. Stanca, R. Grigoras, C. Salisteanu, and I. Udroiu (Romania)


Greenhousegas emission trading, green certificate, renewable


Romania has to transpose and to implement EU legislation within all sectors, including energy and environment. Promoting renewable energy sources for electricity production (RES-E) and implementing Kyoto Protocol flexible mechanism are two of the targets. In Romania the system adopted to promote the increasing of RES-E contribution in the internal electricity market was green certificate system with mandatory quotas for suppliers. The additional price received for the GC sold is determined on a parallel market, separated from the electricity market. On the other hand, a Governmental Decision aiming to transpose the Directive 2003/87/CE referring at CO2 emission trading within Europe into Romanian legislation has aroused. A big challenge for thermal power plants sector is the National Allocation Plan. The public central authority for environment protection established the total number of certificates for GHG emission and their allocation for each plants for one year period beginning with 1 January 2007, and for five years period beginning with 1 January 2008. The paper presents the results of the first eleven months of Green Certificate market running and the state of the art of the implementation of the Directive 2003/87/CE in Romania as in October 2006.

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