Combined Power Generation and Desalination using Renewable Energy

Y. Zhao, A. Akbarzadeh, and J. Andrews (Australia)


Desalination; Power Generation; Solar Energy; convergent-divergent nozzle; Flashing flow modeling; CDP (Combined Desalination and Power Generation). Nomenclature A Area (m2 ) D Diamter of the Nozzle F Thrust (N) R Radius (m) V Velocity (m/s) p Pressure (kPa)Throat System x Vapour quality in the mixture (%) Cd Drag coefficients E Energy (kJ) P Power (Watt) T Temperature (ºC), Torque (N . m) h Specific enthalpy (kJ/kg) s Specific entropy (kJ/kJ . K) m& Mass flow rate (kg/s) Gr


Combined power generation with desalination using solar energy (CPD) is a prospective way to solve the problems combining fresh water shortage, energy crisis and farm land degradation in Northern Victoria. This paper records the process of calculating the performance of the nozzle applying Homogenous Equilibrium Model and testing the prototype of CPD using stationary nozzle system. Some data were analyzed theoretically and the percentage of fresh water measured by experiment is consistent with the calculation. Based on our experimental figures, the next stage for the practical CPD was proposed and the preliminary design was finished and is going to be manufactured.

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