High Performance Self-Excited Reluctance Generator for Mini/Micro Hydro Electric Power Generation

A. Srivastava and S.K. Goel (India)


Reluctance machine, saliency ratio, self –excitation, axially laminated


Recent interest in the synchronous reluctance generator has increased because it offers the solution to the problems faced by induction generator nevertheless it includes almost all the benefits of induction machines. In this paper a mathematical model self excited synchronous reluctance generator has been developed using Park’s transformation which can be used to obtain its performance by simulation. Almost all of the important performance parameters of reluctance machine depend on saliency ratio (Ld/Lq).The paper deals with fabrication, design and testing of axially laminated anisotropic (ALA) rotor self- excited reluctance generator. It was found that ALA rotor with high saliency ratio as compared with other rotor configuration gives high performance.

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