Feasibility of a Hybrid Renewable Energy Plant for Bangka Island, Indonesia

J. Kristanto (Indonesia) and Ö. Göl (Australia)


PV system, wind energy, hybrid system


A combined wind and photovoltaic system is being proposed as an electricity generation system for a coastal village in Bangka Island, Indonesia. The feasibility study indicates that a system consisting of 66 PV panels having 8 kWp capacity, 2 wind turbines having 2 kW capacity and a 247 kAh battery storage is able to provide electricity for a 70 house cluster in the area. The study further suggests that the system is an economically viable option with a payback period of just over 6 years, a net present value of IDR 35 million and a cost benefit ratio of 1:1. The findings of the study are being conveyed to the Bangka-Belitung provincial government which has been looking for various alternatives for reliable electricity generation for the newly created province.

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